TypeScript Unlocked: Tuple

TypeScript Unlocked: Tuple

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Tuple is TypeScript Specific thing and we don’t have tuples in JavaScript. Tuples allow us to enforce order of types in an array.

let UserTuple: [number,string,boolean]
UserTuple = [122,"Palash",true] // valid
UserTuple = [122,"Palash","true"] // not valid

We can define tuples using type as well

type UserTuple = [number,string,boolean] // using type to define tuple
let UserTuple2: UserTuple = [122,"Palash",true] // valid
let UserTuple3: UserTuple = [122,"Palash","true"] // not valid

Bad behavior

Tuple has some bad behavior which it should not do but it is allowed anyways.

// bad behaviour
let UserTuple: UserTuple = [122,"Palash",true]
// since user tuple is just an array we can use array methods on it. 
// which should not happen because the purpose of tuple is to make 
// sure we have all the menthioned data types in order

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